Trumpet & violin

Since I was little, I was in contact with the world of music, influenced, in large part, by my father, a musician by trade.
I was born in Roses (Spain) and came into contact with the dishes making the first vinyl mixes with 15 years. Since then, my life has always been related to music and the violin.
Through the violin, with which I went to do the first performances in nightclubs and events, I had the opportunity to start DJing while playing my repertoire.
I learned the first notes when I was three years old at the Centro Escolar Empordà de Roses school.
The first performances were on the school stages where, instead of going out to the playground like the other children, I stayed in the music class to progress little by little and thanks to the talent and talent I discovered from the little girl, she pushed me to play in the festivals of the educational centers in which I was trained.
As an artist I was practically self-taught. They taught me how to pick up a violin and it gave me a lot of advantage to be able to play the songs that I liked, since I did not receive solfeggio and music theory classes.
I learned to improve my technique by playing the violin on the subjects that attracted me most, from very varied styles that range from Celtic and Irish music to electronic music. With time I decided on the latter, choosing the main style.
In December of 2017 I decided to remove a thorn that had been stuck in me since I was a child, the Trumpet.
It is an instrument that had always caught my attention, but I had never had the chance to know how I would feel when I tasted it.
The experience was wonderful, connected from the moment 1.
Thanks to the effort and dedication that I have from the first day, today I am a trumpeter of the BanannaBeach group, that we have started the 2018 tour in the month of April.
The trumpet covers many different musical styles. With it you can find me from a romantic dinner with Bossanova, a touch of jazz, etc. a stage playing rumba and Latin music, even a disco offering the most current versions of the songs.


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